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International Medical Insurance 
Short-Term (less than six months) Travel

When traveling outside your home country, your health insurance may leave you exposed for any medical treatment you need.  Before you go, review your health insurance plan – whether provided by an insurer or your government health scheme to understand your risks.

International Medical Insurance
Travelers 65 and over

Medicare rarely pays any claim for those who need health care outside of the US. Before you set out on that vacation, let us review your needs so we can discuss the options available to you.

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International Medical Insurance

There are a variety of options available to groups of global mobiles. Whether you are part of a missionary team or expatriates on assignments, there’s cost-effective travel insurance for groups that’s right for you.  Contact us so that we can customize a solution that meets the needs of your team.

Health Insurance

When you accept an international assignment, expatriate health insurance may be far down your list of priorities. Your attention is often focused on other priorities like acclimating to your new lifestyle and culture. Your US health plan may not work the same way abroad as it does here.

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