International Medical Insurance for Groups

Whether your organization has offered expatriate assignments to employees or your church is sponsoring a mission trip, providing specialized global medical insurance is an important part of the planning process.  Do not assume that your US health insurance plan will cover you should you need medical assistance outside the US.  As the sponsor of a global program, you have an obligation to make sure that those within your Duty of Care have appropriate coverage.

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International Medical Insurance for Groups

Group international medical plans give you as a sponsor the opportunity to establish a plan that specifically meets the needs of those your organization is sending to work on your behalf.  Make sure that the person assisting you in evaluating your alternatives understands the unique needs of globally mobile employees.  These policies are available to groups with as few as two members enrolled.

A true expatriate (someone living outside the US for more than six months) may have access to a government health scheme. These programs are paid for by local taxes and allow participants to access care through the social health care system, but an expatriate may not be eligible for this program. The health systems vary by country, with some requiring cost-sharing, while others are paid for completely by taxes.  Will your employee be able to access the social insurance plan?  What do you do if the host country policy is not as comprehensive as you need it to be?  How do you address the needs of an employee who takes an assignment, but the dependents remain at home?

Mission-sending organizations, schools sending students and faculty abroad, and other organizations sponsoring individuals to live and/or work outside the US (e.g., non-governmental organizations and non-profits) have an obligation to make sure that these individuals have appropriate health care for the situation in which they are going.  Many of the policies available offer the bare minimum of coverage, but what is your obligation to these individuals?  What will you do if your plan denies coverage for an individual for a medical need because an exclusion in the plan that you did not understand?

International Medical Insurance for Groups
Coverage Benefits

Developing a group plan for those who are outside their home country allows you to tailor the benefits to your population.  The needs of each population will vary:


  • Will family members be relocating with the employee?
  • How will an employee be provided for coverage when on home leave?
  • Does the host country have the appropriate level of care for your employees?
  • Are there compliance issues that need to be considered when establishing a plan?

Mission-sending organizations, study abroad programs, and other organizations sponsoring individuals going abroad (e.g., Non-governmental organizations, non-profits)

  • What types of work will your staff be offering?
  • Is the level of care available locally should there be a need for medical services?
  • In case of a medical evacuation, where will your member be treated?
  • Does your policy have exclusions that will affect your staff being able to get the appropriate level of care?

Regardless of the type of group, your staff need a plan designed to provide global coverage to individuals and families who are living and working outside of their home countries. These plans provide an enhanced level of benefits and services to their members. Some of these provisions include:

  • Worldwide coverage
  • single deductible and out-of-pocket limitthat applies to all services, regardless of where they are provided.
  • Emergency medical evacuationto provide transport to the nearest, most appropriate facility that can provide care.  You can also purchase a plan that will transport a member to the hospital of the member’s choice.
  • Access to a global provider network, but offers the ability to see any provider of the member’s choice.
  • Direct payment to providersaround the world. Or in the event you have to pay out of pocket and file for reimbursement, you can receive your reimbursement via wire transfer or EFT in just about any currency.
  • 24 by 7 global toll-free member servicesnumber, as well as the ability to call collect from anywhere in the world.
  • Coordinated clinical care management.
  • Global compliance. In some countries, there are requirements about the types of plans that must be provided in order for an individual to obtain a work visa.

Mobile apps which provide easy access to information about your health plan through your smart phone.

Before you sponsor individuals on an international assignment, make sure that you have a global health insurance plan that meets all of your healthcare needs, wherever you are in the world.  Contact Zentripy Global Insurance to allow our team to help you evaluate your coverage options.